Corporate Events

Corporate Events

Corporate events

The Dans le Noir? concept was developed by the Ethik Investment Group. Our philosopy is to change perception so that a « disability » is viewed as a difference rather than a career-stopper, and this can create value.

Events, sensory experiences, blind taste-testing, creating awareness, team building, training, sourcing, employment follow-up, integration into teams and workplaces; these are our missions. Our experts have so much know-how to share as they live this experience on a daily basis.

Organiser un évènement au restaurant Dans le Noir ?
Contactez Marine Mallette au 01 42 77 98 04 ou  via le formulaire de contact situé à droite sur cette page.

Business Meals and private bookings at the restaurant

You can rent the restaurant for private events, business meals, dinners, Christmas meals, product launches or team-building excercises.
We painstakingly organize corporate events, can arrange to have more personnel available, and adapt our menus to your needs.
We can welcome up to 57 people in our dark room. Cocktails can be served to guests in the well-lit bar/lounge, before or after dinner or during the « intermission » between two sessions in the dark.
Eating at Dans le Noir? is not like eating in any other restaurant. You will enjoy a true sensory experience. Your employees, customers or partners will always remember it.

Dans le Noir? can organize a variety of events for your businesses. A representative will be onsite to guide you through the planning and execution of your event. Benefit from our team’s know-how to organize a dinner in the dark, a sensory workshop, a seminar, a team-building exercise, a food or wine tasting event, a debate, a press conference or a concert.

The experience of a lunch or dinner in the dark is a true human resource tool. It enables you to build and strengthen a team using positive values without visual prejudices.
Dans le Noir? is a chance to improve creativity, break down hierarchical barriers and create team interaction.
It’s a chance to question our perception of the world as individuals and to improve our relationships. Relationships established by prejudices or ideas governed by sight become more intense and authentic in the dark.

Dans le Noir? helps businesses stimulate their employees’ creativity, improve their ability to self-assess, and especially their communication and interaction skills when dealing with each other.

Dans le Noir? is also the perfect way to launch a product in a surprising, original fashion. Supported by the Ethik Event team, our event planning and marketing subsidiary, the Dans le Noir? team can help you organize your corporate events whether the challenge is internal, commercial or promotional.
With Ethik Event’s know-how, our teams can also come to your office or location of your choosing (conference rooms, hotels, etc.)

Note: We strongly recommend that you reserve for your event at least one month in advance.

A few ideas :

  • Team Lunch
  • Handicap Awareness
  • Conference Dans le Noir ?
  • Team Building Dans le Noir ?
  • Brainstorming Dans le Noir ?
  • Press Conference
  • Sensory Discovery
  • Commercial degustations

Marine Mallette

Tel : 01 42 77 98 04

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