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All our menus are surprise menus, prepared on site with fresh products.

The facilities and special operations require a surcharge of about €14 per person compared to a traditional restaurant. This is included in our prices.

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Without claiming to have any Michelin stars, we offer our guests 2-3 course surprise menus or a gastronomic menu comprised of 5 courses including an appetizer and a cheese plate. The idea is that each guest will not know exactly what they are eating…these are our famous surprise menus. The entire experience focusses on flavours, texture and seasoning. It’s an old, often-used industry principle called « blind tasting ».
The concept behind our menus is to enable our guests to rediscover their palettes and to reflect on the notions of taste and flavour. Completely deprived of light, your eyes can no longer mislead you or influence you, thus obscuring your preconceptions.
At Dans le Noir? we don’t ask you what you would like to eat, but rather what you cannot or do not want to eat. We take into consideration any food allergies you may have when you place your order. By taking these precautions, each guest can confidently enjoy the adventure and benefit from the rich experience provided by our surprise menus.
The surprise menus are modified seasonally and change every two or three months. Special menus are offered from time to time to celebrate highlights of the calendar year, like Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Christmas and New Year’s Eve.
Pictures and descriptions of each menu’s elements are presented to guests in the bar when they exit. There is also information about the surprise wines or specialty drinks that were tasted.
At Dans le Noir? we use fresh products and fair trade products as much as possible. Our cuisine is created by our local chefs inspired by Thi Muller. The « Dans le Noir? » approach is to enhance flavour in the dark and to organize tastes on your plate in an interesting, educational fashion. We try to make your sensory experience as captivating and fulfilling as possible.








Allergies !
Please inform us of any allergies when placing your order, and remind your server when your meal is brought to you in the dark room. We will modify your menu.

Boissons Chaudes !
For obvious safety reasons, coffee, tea and other hot beverages are not served in the dark. These are available in the lighted bar area after your experience in the dark room.