Private events

Private events

Private Events

You can organize a private event anytime and for any occasion at Dans le Noir? Contact our team to plan your event and designe your menu to meet your objectives!

If you wish to reserve the restaurant for a private event, you have a choice of the following options:

– Partial private event: between 19h30 and 22h00 or beteen 22h30 and 1h00
– Completely private event: between 19h30 and midnight or 1h in the morning.
NB : Des prix spéciaux sont accordés pour les déjeuners en semaine à partir de 20 personnes, merci de contacter le service commercial à ce sujet.

Dans le Noir? can organize your private event (music in the dark, conferences or debates in the dark, guides with vision impairments at the tables, etc.), as well as do flyer design and distribution, invitations, posters, videos of your event and souvenir photos.

ContacT Our Sales Staff

Marine Mallette / Morgan Niquet / Baptiste Fouillet

Tel : 01 42 77 98 04

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